Overall, students report that they feel connected to others in the USM community and have support. However, it's normal to have stressful times or challenging situations at some point during high school. That's where the Upper School counselor, Lizzy Perry, can be a valuable resource. Ms. Perry actively listens to students' situations and helps students decide on next steps. Key issues students face include managing stress, navigating relationships, discerning whether anxiety or depression are influencing behavior, and figuring out what to do after they have made a mistake. If necessary and/or requested, Ms. Perry helps students and families connect with behavioral health support outside of school.

Ms. Perry finds all sorts of inroads to connect with a wide range of students by being involved in the fabric of student life. She visits advising groups, meets with new students, teaches a psychology elective, oversees the REDgen student group, and leads a popular tutoring service program. Finally, Ms. Perry enjoys being a resource for teachers and families to discuss all aspects of the developmental task of surviving and thriving in adolescence.

Lizzy Perry